Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's new with 22?

My neighbors (Hunter and Garrett) and I

One of my friends from high school commented on how I hadn't written a blog in about a month, so I decided to take time out of my busy school schedule to do so! 

In just a few days I will be turning 22. To me this has no great significance. In fact, it is just another year closer to 30. Not that it is a bad thing, I would just rather stay 21 forever! Being 21 brought me many memories, good and bad. But mostly good! I cannot imagine being in a happier place in my life at the moment. I've learned a lot about myself and met some pretty amazing people along the way. 

Since I turned 21:
I got to go to the beach for the first time.
I got to go to Vegas! (not for the first time, but it was my first time going as a LEGAL adult)
I got to finally buy my first bottle of wine!
I became extremely close with my neighbors who turned out to be extraordinary guys and great friends. 
I got to be the girl standing closest to my sister as I watched her marry the man of her dreams. 
I will soon be an Aunt to my first nephew that will be joining my two adorable nieces. 
I filed my intent to graduate.
I figured out that going home is the perfect escape to the busy school life (even though I couldn't wait to leave when I was 18)
I reconnected with old friends, and made a lot of new along the way.
I lost 35 pounds...and counting!
I figured out its okay to go with the flow and quit trying to plan every detail of my life out.
I managed to do even better in all my classes than ever before.
I started my photography passion into a personal non-professional business and love it very much.
I got to watch my brother's very last basketball game ever after watching him for 13 years. 
I got to camp out in Raiderville. 
I laughed a lot.
I cried a lot.
I smiled a lot. 
But most importantly...I learned a lot. About myself, about life, and about my friends.

This year has brought many milestones that I consider to be huge impacts in my life. People I will never forget, and moments I will always cherish. For that, I thank all those people for bringing that light in my life. I may not know where I'm going..but I know where I've been. And I know that no matter what, each day is a blessing and I will continually enjoy them. I want to laugh more than ever before, and can't wait to see what the next year will bring my friends and family. Everything happens so quickly. I know that now because of hindsight, but will be more careful now to enjoy every great moment I live in. 

So what is new with 22? Right now, I feel like it will just be another day in the life of this girl. But after seeing all the great things that come in one year...I have big plans for 22. I just don't know what they are yet. I have a feeling they will be amazing though :) 

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” -- Abraham Lincoln

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