Thursday, January 13, 2011

Preparation Fail

I woke up to a beautiful chilly morning with coffee already brewing in the pot. I walked out onto the balcony and thought I smelled that raider spirit in the mistake. It was just the stockyards. I guess it was setting me up for the irony soon to come in my day. I did my workout and it went well. Then proceeded on to class. I got to class and it turns out that I was in the wrong classroom. A misprint had occurred on the schedule I had printed out. So I went to the library and waited until my next class..and low and behold the same thing happened. Great. I missed three classes today due to a misprint. I guess that's what I get for trying to get ahead of the game for once and printing off my schedule a couple of weeks in advance! Moral of my story for the day is that procrastination is the best way to go! (That's just for me. You may be different!) So I went on with my day and walked back to my lonesome three story condo and settled in with some coffee and the fireplace. It wasn't a terrible day but goes to show that being well-prepared doesn't ALWAYS have its benefits. So it's okay to be negative at times :) On the bright side, a friend of mine did get me an interview for a job where he works today so shortly I will be going to try that out. Hopefully that will turn out better than the outcome of attempting to go to class! I know it's really cold out and flowers are nowhere to be seen, but I remember taking the above picture when I went home a couple years ago and it makes me wish the spring would hurry and arrive! But then again, there is no point in rushing life. Right? So instead I will reminisce and appreciate what God has put in front of me today even though he probably got a good laugh out of my frustration with my school schedule. I don't blame him though! I laugh at my own luck sometimes.

Good day my loves. 

"The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Be good anyway."

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